Transformer Time


Few weeks ago, L'Epée 1839 and MB&F introduced Grant. He is the latest robot of the family, Sherman's guardian angel, with no angelic side though !

He is fully manufactured at L'Epée's atelier in Switzerland thanks to a passionate team devoted to art and craftmanship. Grant comprises more than 260 components entirely finished by hand and weighs 2.3 kilos. 

From the original design to the official launch date, it tooks more than 12 months to develop and produce the pieces of this limited edition kinetic sculpture. 

Grant can transform into one of three different modes: lying horizontally over his chassis for a low profile; crouching at 45 degrees; and sitting up 90 degrees. Just like true Transformers! Grant’s time shield can always be set to a comfortable and optimal viewing angle. He is also able to travel quickly over rough terrain (or the messiest desk) on his three operational rubber tracks.
Grant is available in three different colors : Nickel, Black and Blue. 
Check out our Youtube channel for more action!
Co-created by MB&F and L’Epée 1839, Grant is a robot with a time display on his shield – and a mission to slow things down, when time runs too fast.
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L'Epée 1839


From America to Asia, L'Epée 1839's team is here to introduce the magic and mesmering tick-tock of its mechanical kinetic sculptures. As you can see here, we have been displaying clocks all over the world : 

The grand opening of a new concept store in Macao; The first L'Epée 1839 Pop-up store at Lotte Tower in Korea or in Paris, joining the great team of Royal Quartz Rue Royale with the Rainbow Requiem, or during the Attila Convention in Mexico few days ago : So many occasions to spread cool vibrations and share our passion with our friends and collectors.

If you are in Mexico you could also get to meet us during the SIAR, mid-October ;) 

Our Collection of


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Remember those crazy time travel contraptions, with all those frenzied moving, twirling parts? This kinetic architecture belongs right there alongside them. The entire upper part revolves. The two propellers at either end of the carriage are also mobile: the first winds the movement, while the second adjusts the time. With its 370 components, the Time Machine is a complex table clock measuring 22 cm high and 26 cm wide. It includes a mechanical L’Epée 1839 caliber featuring an 8-day power reserve.

Available in full palladium or black with either gold or palladium movement.

Price : 29 900.- CHF excl. VAT


An authentic piece of watchmaking art, Hot Balloon can also be admired from below, just as one might view a hot-air balloon overhead, as is the first mechanical clock that can be hung from the ceiling. The clock is set and wound in either position through an ingenious system that combines form and function, design and engineering, precision and durability.

Available in Blue, Red, Black or Silver.

Price : 19 900.- CHF excl. VAT



Gaz Derrick boasts of 2 dials in the shape and style of gas gauges; each displays the hour and minutes (regulator), with precise timekeeping for up to 7 days. This normally overwhelming industrial landscape is now presented in a more restricted size: 23 cmshigh with a width of 17.8 cms and 10 cms in depth.

Available in Gold or Palladium

Price : 16 500.- CHF excl. VAT


Requiem is a limited edition of 50 pieces per configuration : Black, Silver or Rainbow. The hour and minutes are displayed inside the eyes, thanks to a system of discs on which the time indications are stamped. L’Epée 1839 adds a whole new complication to its 8-day movement: the disc mechanism displays a "slow" jumping hour and sweeping minutes respectively. L'Épée 1839 deliberately wanted this emblematic table clock to remain sober, modern and visually delicate. 

Price : 12 500.- CHF excl. VAT